Our approach to Quality Engineering

Improve end user experience by releasing functionality faster and with higher quality.

We work closely with QA & testing teams to ensure that quality becomes an intrinsic part of the business strategy from inception through delivery. Our end-to-end ecosystem approach with intelligent and automated QA processes results in enhanced quality, faster time-to-value, as well as a better customer experience.

01.Build test data strategy

If not designed and planned well, "data" and "environment" can become the two biggest bottlenecks to a well-functioning QE team. Our QE experts help our clients build testing strategies to ensure high quality data and stable environments.

02.Enhance quality and productivity

AI is a huge driving force in business now and you can take full advantage of its strengths. AI-driven testing and risk-based testing will give you a comprehensive picture of your applications.

03.Better performance and security

Functional testing is only one element of your testing. Through non-functional testing you have better visibility of performance and security, adding a vital layer of confidence to environments.

04.Improve adaptability and speed

In today’s market, these are key areas for success. By implementing new types of continuous testing and leveraging data-driven automation you can fix issues as they arise and ensure data relevance.

05.Process Standardization

Define and deploy a common set of standards for Quality across the organization - balance agility with discipline through our pre-defined kits for the engineering organization.

06.Test Automation

Our quality experts provide faster time to market ensuring high quality of all the components involved in the application, from cloud to web and mobile applications with test automation frameworks.

Quality Engineering Services

Amplify success with quality engineering

Continuous Testing

Continuous delivery of software is essential to ensure that your software is not just "fit for use" but 'fit for purpose'. In other words, available when it's needed and capable of fulfilling your needs, and therefore supporting the continuous delivery lifecycle.

Test Infrastructure

Test environment is as critical as having a good automation framework. With a good test environment and test data strategy, you can be sure that your application will work fine in production. Test results are consistent and you will be able to close the issues quickly.

Non-functional testing

Businesses should never limit themselves to just functional testing. As more software makes its way to the cloud, security, and performance can be the difference between success and failure. Our expertise in this field of testing ensures the user experience never suffers.

Automation Testing

Our quality engineering solutions apply the power of Automation to accelerate Testing, provide rapid feedback to developers and enable rapid application changes.

Performance Testing

Ensure your applications reliability, scalability and user experience with Load, Stress and Performance testing services that start with a Shift Left philosophy.

Regression Testing

Our best practices and tools automate and optimize Regression Testing processes, ensuring application enhancements deliver the intended outcomes for users.

Mobile Testing

We offer compatibility testing, responsive design testing, test automation, and acceptance testing, among other practices. Testing mobile applications, requires thoughtful planning to guarantee adequate coverage across different devices and platforms.

Accessibility Testing

Today's digital solutions need to provide equal access and opportunity to people with disabilities though compliance with accessibility standards. We help our customers to improve the quality of their digital products, removing barriers that prevent interactions and ensuring accessibility.

Data Testing

One of the main challenges facing businesses today is how to make sense of all the data they collect. To do this, they need consistent, quality data. Our QE experts work alongside data scientists to help our clients build testing strategies to ensure high quality data.

Key Benefits

Faster time to market

Reduce TTM by 50% with our training, tools, and E2E governance solutions, which enable you to integrate quality engineering into the DevOps development cycle.

QA run costs by over 25%

By using fewer, more qualified QA teams with proprietary automation accelerators, we reduce the cost of labor and project completion time.

Cycle time by 25%

By using advanced automation capabilities and DevOps as a Service (DaaS), we decrease cycle time.

Enhanced quality for better customer experience

Achieve up to 99% defect removal efficiency and 50% improvement in test coverage to ensure that your end customer receives exceptional service.

The Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) by 95%

By identifying and fixing issues earlier in the SDLC, we significantly reduce the duration between system failures and ensure systems are highly available.

Maximize your cloud investment

Ensure a seamless migration to the cloud with automated functionality, scalability, resiliency, security, and data integrity testing.