Agile Development Approach

Accelerate Your Technical Agility with S3 as Your Agile Partner.

"Delivering Quality at Speed" is the success chant in today's highly-competitive business world. The agile software development approach offers momentous benefits to the business- better competitive differentiation, accelerated time to market, high-quality software that enhances customer gratification.

S3 will work along with your technical staff, integrating into their pairs and mobs to demonstrate both the "what" and the "how" for applying modern engineering and DevOps practices.


We recommend Scrum Agile methodology for long-term, complex projects that require stakeholder feedback, which may greatly affect project requirements. So, when the exact amount of work can’t be estimated, and the release date is not fixed, Scrum may be the best choice.


Using Kanban, teams can do small releases and adapt to changing priorities. We recommend this framework if your team is focused on doing small pieces of work as they come up. Sometimes you may have to combine Scrum with Kanban techniques, so-called Scrumban rather than the original frameworks.


We recommend Lean framework to follow a minimum viable product (MVP) development technique. It includes a deployment of a product with a minimum, sufficient set of features to satisfy early users. MVP strategy is helpful to analyze customer feedback to know if they like this product and want to buy it.

Software Development Services

We build software the right way

Architecture Design

Our architects provide end-to-end solutions that start with concept and strategy. We work with you to design technical solutions, act as the bridge between your business and technology stakeholders. We convert your business requirements into technical architecture.

Product Development

As a software development company, product development is our core service. Tell us your vision and we’ll find the best way to bring it to life. We are long-term partners that work as an extension of your team, so that we’re always on top of your business needs and product backlogs.

Cross-Platform Development

We have expert skills in cross-platform development to develop software that functions seamlessly on any platform or environment, so that your customers receive smooth and efficient experiences wherever they are.

Cloud Engineering

Our DevOps and software engineers are ready to help you scale faster with top-class cloud expertise. We’ll assess your infrastructure and create a roadmap to strengthen your applications based on your future business needs. Our goal is to help you make the most of the cloud to act with greater agility.

Progressive Apps

Your customers want fast and dependable experiences regardless of the network or device they are using. Our delevelopment team help you build and enhance web applications with modern APIs to ensure that, no matter where people use them, they are always reliable and capable.


With S3, you can expect quality software development that consistently meets your business requirements. That’s because we operate using an agile methodology. Our scrum development teams continually build, package and test applications, ensuring your customers receive the best experience, every time.